File Storage

Your office and warehouse space is important to the operation of your company.  Having your files stored off-site will provide your company the ability to maximize your valuable space, provide you with a master hard copy back up off-site, unwanted internal access to files and protection from digital errors and scams.  This is information that will never ransomed or lost in the cloud.


Protect Your Most Precious Data In Canada.  

With digital crime impacting business more than ever before it is crucial to have a solid backup and recovery process established. Implementing On and Off-site data backups, getting your business back up and running in minutes, replicating your data to the cloud are all services Capital File can deliver today.  

We also understand that information can be found in many different forms in today’s business world.  With that knowledge we also offer data back up / storage of tapes, videos, cameras, phones and hard drives.  These items can be delivered and accessed on a schedule that suits your companies needs.


We can provide scanned copies of files as requested.  Which can limit the cost of large scanning projects.   We can also facilitate large scanning projects helping eliminate paper and moving you towards a digital system.

Pick Up and Delivery

When you need access to a file or box we will deliver it at your request.  We will also pick up and refile your information when you have completed your work.

Cardboard & Plastic Boxes

Having one source for your file storage security is always a bonus.  We sell easy folding, strong walled boxes at a great price.  They can be delivered same day.  We also have an upgraded plastic version for your more sensitive files or electronic back ups.

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