File Storage

Your office and warehouse space is important to the operation of your company.  Having your files stored off-site will provide your company the ability to maximize your valuable space, provide you with a master hard copy back up off-site, unwanted internal access to files and protection from digital errors and scams.

Cardboard & Plastic Boxes

Having one source for your file storage security is always a bonus.  We sell easy folding, strong walled boxes at a great price.  They can be delivered same day.  We also have an upgraded plastic version for your more sensitive files or electronic back ups.

Data Back Ups

We understand that information can be filed in many different forms in today’s business world.  With that understanding we also offer data back up (tapes, videos, cameras, phones, etc) and hard drive storage.  Which can be delivered and accessed on a schedule that suits your companies needs.

Pick Up and Delivery

When you need access to a file or box we will deliver it at your request.  We will also pick up and refile your information when you have completed your work.

Retention Schedules

We will help build out retention schedules. Making sure files are retained for the appropriate timelines.


We can provide scanned copies of files as requested.  This may provide you the ability to avoid a large costly scanning project and only scan files as needed.

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